It is really important to consider the efficiency of your windows to ensure they are performing properly and keeping your home warm. Did you know that 25% of the heat lost from your home will be through your windows, so it is important to have efficient windows to ensure your heating bills are cut and you eliminate cold and draughts.

The Window Energy Rating (WER) has a scale from A+ (best performing) to G (poorest performing). To comply with current building regulations all new windows must receive a c rating or above to be installed.

To determine the WER windows are independently assessed by the BFRC, and judged on 3 different factors.

G-Value – measuring the heat gained from direct sunlight, with the glass absorbing heat and bringing it into your home.

L-Value – measuring how much air leaks from a window, determining how airtight it is and how well it stops draughts coming in.

U-Value – measures how efficient the windows are at retaining warmth, and stopping heat escaping from the home.

The combination of these three values will give the Energy Index and the WER.

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